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Production Company & Creative Consultancy

2024 Offerings

About our offerings

The Genuine Article seeks to strategically consult founders and creatives of the global majority, LGBTQIA+ and disabled communities based in Los Angeles and around the globe on their creative endeavors. With our existing and growing network, the company also connects early stage founders + creatives with resources, relationship building and funding.

strategic consulting

Production Company

Our consultative approach enables us to execute resonant narratives which inform audiences in an entertaining manner

Creative Consultancy

We specialize in empowering first time founders with creative strategies for entreprenurial success

Retreats & Fiscal Sponsorship

Contact us to apply for our upcoming Visual Artist, Screen & Literary Writers’ retreats located in Coastal New England. We offer unparalleled access to necessary rest, natural inspiration and accountability-based coaching via our 501(c)3 nonprofit SUNDARA Catalyst Group Co.

About our offerings

Leveraged Network

Accomplish more by gaining a team of experts on your side, as well as expertise at your fingertips

Increased Bandwidth

Get back to focusing on what you loved about your business instead of being bogged down by all of the side quests that solopreneurship requires

Insight and Perspective

Our values and purpose-aligned system creates an environment where your voice authentically shines


What service is best for my business?

Creatives with a specific media project and timeline often join The Genuine Article as partners with the Production Company.

First time founders and those looking to refresh their brands, products or services often onboard as creative consultancy clients or partners.

Apply for fiscal sponsorship and retreats with our nonprofit, the SUNDARA Catalyst Group.

Do you offer short-term and long-term solutions?

Yes! Schedule an initial consultation to review your needs to see how we can best be of value for your project.

Typically, short term projects are invoiced hourly and long term projects are by contract. Creative consultancy partners may also be evaluated for our “Equity-Based Equity” System; please inquire during your initial consultation for more details.

How long will it take until we see results?

All creative projects, whether media or technology based, are different therefore results may vary. We do our best to provide reasonable expectations and metrics to evaluate results along the lifetime of our working relationship. That said, our award winning reputation and content partners speak best for the results of our work.

Case study summaries

Vena Vena Handcrafted

Leather handbag and accessory designer grew from representing a nonprofit as an unhoused person without pay to a survivor with her designs on television and partnerships with West Elm, MasterCard and The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Zwim Robotics

Biomechanical engineer stuck on how to best articulate his research thesis endured our creative interrogation and won publication twice in famed journal Nature for the first time in his storied career.

Art Heart Love Prods.

Noted veteran actor turned producer partnered to organize short film pre-production, additionally requiring post-production, financing, festival marketing and social media executive producership, resulting in multiple award wins including Best Actress and Rising Star.

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